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BUY THE LATEST SOFTWARE UPGRADE FOR YOUR MACHINE. CLICK HERE:  /prod/226/diagnostic-software-updates


Bought a cheap tool from China or a diagnostic tool from an auction site such as Ebay and now have problems?

Has the Ebay or Chinese seller promised 2 or 3 years free software and an extended warranty and now disappeared? 

(1) Have you discovered the product you own is actually a clone and not original?

(2) You can't get the full software or updates anymore?

(3) You can't get the warranty you were promised?

(4) You can't get spare parts?

(5) You can't register the tool?

(6) You can't download software anymore?

(6) The Ebay or Chinese seller is ignoring you or closed their Ebay shop ?

We Can Help

Do you need the latest software in your chosen language for your machine ?

Have you forgotten or lost the pasword to get updates for your machine?

Why not upgrade your old Launch Super Scanner to a Launch Master which does not need a Super 16 connector

Upgrade your Launch Pro to the modern Pro III which has more in-depth diagnostic functions

Get diagnostic Laptop Repairs, the latest software, hard drives, cables, connectors  


Email:  sales@diagnostics4u.com or call us: 01959 533 933  Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm


Diagnostics4u: All Repairs & Hardware / Software Update Services & Problem Solving

If you have purchased a diagnostic tool from Diagnostics4u or anywhere else, maybe an Ebay Chinese import and it's not working, it's damaged, it's out of warranty or needs updating with the very latest hardware or the latest software then you can benefit from our full repair & software update service.

The age of the tool doesn't matter, our qualified technicians can repair and update most diagnostic tools and we offer a fast and efficient repair service since we know you need your tool back up and running again as soon as possible.

As an example: A Launch Bluetooth, a Diagun main unit, power switch, circuit boards & screens & Launch Master repairs and hardware upgrades are usually completed within 48hrs. Likewise, Autel, Autoboss and other professional diagnostic machines

We can also provide you with a range of low cost spare parts, including cables, circuit boards, screens, power switches, smartboxes and more which are not shown on our website if you would like to repair your own tool 

Want to know more? Contact one of our UK team for details by telephoning 01959 533 933 or alternatively you can email us at sales@diagnostics4u.com





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