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  • 13Oct








    Huge Savings On All Professional Diagnostic Equipment In Our Sale On For A Limited Time RIGHT NOW!!

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  • 31May

    Software Downloads


    Our customers can download free software in any country directly from our server. Just send us an email with your purchase order number or you can send your name, address, the date of purchase and the product you bought from us and we will send you details with a login password if you are eligible for free software updates Please contact sales if you would like to buy new software for any diagnostic tool

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  • 31Mar

    Product Price Match

    Seen something we sell but cheaper somewhere else? Call us and we will match that price: 01959 533 933

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  • 07Oct

    Now You Can Get Software Already Installed 4U

    If you find it difficult or even impossible to install professional diagnostic software onto a laptop, you can now order what you need fully installed for you on a laptop. 

    Just tell us if you want a new or a used laptop and we will supply it with the software you choose so all you need to do is turn on the laptop to begin using all the the diagnostic functions immediately.   

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  • 05Aug

    FREE Shipping when you buy just 1 item

    Some people still ask, "how much is the shipping?"

    We do not charge any shipping when you buy only 1 product. Shipping charges depend on both the weight and the value of items being shipped so we cover the cost of shipping a single item to you anywhere in the world.

    However, If you buy 2 or more items the shipping will still be free, as long as the items are all different items.

    All orders for 1 product are shipped anywhere in the world for FREE


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