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Volvo VCT 2000

Volvo VCT

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 Manufacturer Specifications:

Volvo VCT  vehicle communication tool the dealers use


Works with VADIS or VIDA software for shade-tree, independent, and professional Volvo service technicians
Running the latest Rev E firmware, which works with both VADIS and VIDA

Comes complete with the vehicle communication and PC cables

Supports functions such as retrieving & clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), running advanced system tests, changing settings, programming keys, etc

(When used with VADIS, all car models from 1999 are supported)


The VCT is the only communication tool which works with VADIS (doesn't work with DICE tool)

Use the VCT with VIDA to support both diagnostics and software download for all 1999-2009 current models - even all new 2010 XC60 (when using VIDA 2008C or greater)

Works with car models 1999-2010 Volvo C30, C70, S40, S60, S80, V50, V70, XC60, XC70, XC90

Depending on software used the VCT can be used for full vehicle diagnostics and programming in all 1999 Volvo onwards 


Package includes:

 Vehicle interface cable (replaces old Volvo part numbers 9511535, 9511536, 9511537)

VCT unit Vehicle communication cable PC connection cable

NOTE: VADIS and VIDA software are not included - just the VCT tool

The VADIS package is required to support the very latest Volvo models 


IMPORTANT: NEVER use Jump Leads, Start Booster or other sources of External Power while tester is connected to diagnostic socket because it will damage the diagnostic Main Unit  


It is normal for antivirus to flag some diagnostic files (.exe etc) as virus or trojan. Always switch off antivirus in your computer before attempting to install any diagnostic software or the software may not install and essential diagnostic files may be corrupted. Do not use downloaded software, or older versions, only use the software supplied with the tool.

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