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BMW Key Maker


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Programmer for BMW keys

Replace lost keys or make extra keys



This is a key programmer suitable for PCF transponders 7930, 7931, 7935

Simple to use and does not require additional equipment to work with EWS 2, 3, 3+


Use only normal chip


Supports all BMW with EWS, (including EWS2, EWS2/3/3+ EWS3 and EWS4)


Also suitable for Rover 75, Mini, Range Rover, Freelander

Read EWS Data via K line


Example of how to connect and use:

Black to processor’s Pin1

Green to processor’s Pin2

White to processor’s Pin3

Blue to processor’s Pin17

Red to processor’s Pin20

Purple to processor’s Pin21

Brown to processor’s Pin22

Orange to processor’s Pin26

After you connect the processor, connect power supply to the BMW

In the programme press button “READ EE EWS”

After reading the processor you will see dump in screen. Replace pin 20, after reading processor is over

Write key number in the window from 0 to 9(all together there are 10 keys) which you want to programme

Insert key or transponder into the keyhole of the programmer and press “POGRAMME KEY” button.

Key or transponder will be programmed in 20 seconds


Repeat all the operations for the other key numbers


Package Includes:

1x BMW Key Programmer
1x C385S43 Chip
1x Serial Port Cable


Please call for full details on compatible vehicles

1 Unit: $123.93
2 - 9 Units: $88.40
10 - 24 Units: $81.03
25 - 49 Units: $78.03
50 - 99 Units: $75.02
100 - 249 Units: $75.02
250 - 499 Units: $71.96
500 - 999 Units: $69.03
1000+ Units: $123.93
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