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Twin C4 and GT1(2)Click to enlarge product image
Twin C4 and GT1(2)

TwinB C4 + GT1 (Pre-Installed on Laptop)

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TWINB C4+GT1 - Pre Installed on Laptop

Twin B has all functions of Benz C4 and BMW GT1. Twin B includes all MB Star C4 and Twin B GT1 Pro, which is small and has all functions of GT1.It has two hard disks with the software of MB STAR C 4 and DIS,SSS MB STAR C4  DIS version:

DIS version:
SSS version:

Twin B Star C4:
Twin B Star C4 for any kind of computer.
Twin B Star C4 has rs232/485 interface, which can connect with touch screen and also common screen.
Twin B Star C4 can work in the voltage 12V/24V.
Twin B Star C4 can supply power to the computer by Power Cable.

Twin B GT1 Pro:
Self-protection: GT1 Pro Multiplexer will be turned off by itself if the voltage surpasses 15. 8V during your testing, and it will restart automatically if the voltage is below 15.8v
Twin B GT1 Pro uses the newest software DK219.
Twin B GT1 Pro can also supply power to the computer via the interface of the LAN cable.
Twin B is very small and convenient to carry. It is very useful for onsite operation.
There is a hard disk and also software, you just install it on your computer, it is very easy to use.
Every hard disk has a code, if there are any problems with the tool; you just provide the self-test report of the tool and the code so we know what the problem is with the product. We can fix the problem for you on your side so you do not need to send the device back to us for repair. Twin b c4 and GT1 is good quality and we always test all functions. The SSS is the same as the old GT1; also the same as DIS. Twin B c4 +GT1 now has two versions, not only for IBM T30 laptop, but for all computers

Package Includes:
1.MB STAR C4 Multiplexer
2.GT1-SCAN Pro main body
3.1pc x 14 pin Connector
4.1pc x 16 Pin Connector
5.1pc x 20 Pin Connector
6.1pc x OBD2 Cable
7.1pc x 4 pin Cable
8.1pc x 14 pin Cable
9.1pc x Communication Cable
10.1pc x Benz 38 Pin Cable
11.1pc x 120G Hard Disk
12.1pc x Network Cable
13.1pc x Power Cable


IMPORTANT: NEVER use Jump Leads, Start Booster or other sources of External Power while tester is connected to diagnostic socket because it will damage the diagnostic Main Unit   


It is normal for antivirus to flag some diagnostic files (.exe etc) as virus or trojan. Always switch off antivirus in your computer before attempting to install any diagnostic software or the software may not install and essential diagnostic files may be corrupted. Do not use downloaded software, or older versions, only use the software supplied with the tool.



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  • *****twin b diagnostic tool

    By Issy khan

    a fantastic opportunity to use both the BMW and Mercedes software on one laptop.

    this is a must have tool for any professional or garage that is consistenly working with the above vehicles.

    i have many professional tools but they are unable to diagnose Mercedes accurately like this tool. Also BMW and Mercedes software, both provide part numbers, diagnostic maps and photographs of components and wiring diagrams.

    a must have tool!! recommended to all- the launch cannot do what this tool can!!

    Call UK Diagnostics: 07904 371 888 in Greater London area for all diagnostics including Remapping - DPF Removal - Airbag Crash Data & more

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