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BMW M35080 Programmer

BMW M35080 - Latest Version

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BMW M35080 Latest Version

Odometer/ Miles correction tool for BMW odometers with M35080 chip

Supports BMW models E65 - E38 - E39 - E46 etc
Detailed Product Description:
View Data
Backup Data
Read original mileage
Clear KM data area
Online direct data correction
No need to remove the needle of the odometer
Enter any KM value
This item can erase the data starting from "00",no need to replace 35080 chip.
Correct the mileage in BMW without removing the chip from the cluster, simply solder the line.
Easy, simple and safe!

Package Includes:
1pc x BMW 35080 Programmer Main Unit
1pc x 9 Pin Cable
1pc x Colour Cable
1pc x Adapter



It is normal for antivirus to flag some diagnostic files (.exe etc) as virus or trojan. Always switch off antivirus in your computer before attempting to install any diagnostic software or the software may not install and essential diagnostic files may be corrupted. Do not use downloaded software, or older versions, only use the software supplied with the tool.


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